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Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 20, 2024 at 8:57pm

Free field trips into the wilderness to paint

I never thought that I would support myself with art - everyone in the Group of Seven had day jobs. I became a geography teacher so that I could get free field trips into the wilderness to paint. — Robert Bateman

Children can take lessons in that school via the Internet and can score extra points like e.g. in Geography or History. That sounds very promising and is a fantastic basis for future steps. — Anatoly Karpov

It doesn't matter if a character is a lawyer, a cop or a geography teacher. If there's a story in there, where the character has a passion and a fire in his belly and story to tell, then it's enough for an actor to get excited about. — Clive Standen

Geography does not define you - love does. — Eve Ensler

Paris is not a city, it is the image, the symbol of France, its today and yesterday, the reflection of its history, its geography and its hidden essence. — Nina Berberova

Several technological and political forces have converged, and that has produced a global, Web-enabled playing field that allows for multiple forms of collaboration without regard to geography or distance - or soon, even language. — Thomas Friedman

Basically, Islamic State is a combined al Qaeda and Lebanese Hezbollah on steroids, destabilizing the region, dissolving borders/changing the political geography in the Mid-east, and hardening political positions that make Mid-east peace-building more remote by the day. — James Mattis

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 19, 2024 at 5:12pm

Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it

Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it. — Terry Pratchett

It must be hard for humans, forever floundering through inconvenient geography. Humans are always lost. It's a basic characteristic. It explains a lot about them. — Terry Pratchett

To make revolution in Korea we must know Korean history and geography as well as the customs of the Korean people. Only then is it possible to educate our people in a way that suits them and to inspire in them an ardent love for their native place and their motherland. — Kim Il-sung

In the U.K., we have the best geography teachers in the world! — Prince Andrew

The study of geography is about more than just memorizing places on a map. It's about understanding the complexity of our world, appreciating the diversity of cultures that exists across continents. And in the end, it's about using all that knowledge to help bridge divides and bring people together. — Barack Obama

If we finished our work, the teacher would say, 'Now don't read ahead.' But sometimes I hid the book I was reading behind my geography book and did read ahead. You can hide a lot behind a geography book. — Beverly Cleary

Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder — John F. Kennedy

Israel is a colonialist-imperialist phenomenon. There is no such thing as an Israeli people. Before 1948, world geography knew of no state such as Israel. Israel is the result of an invasion, of aggression. — Muammar al-Gaddafi

We meet fellow humans throughout our travels,Become close - friends, dates, lovers.Always we are distanced againfrom death, geography, or meeting others,Only dialtone on the phone,cold and empty beneath the covers. — Patri Friedman

I am afforded a bit of easy wonderment in relative comfort as to how humans have lasted so long. Climate- and geography-wise, the planet seems to have little use for us. — Henry Rollins

I think the idea of migration through time is very important because every human being does that and it unites us with people who migrate through geography. — Mohsin Hamid

History is a compass that you locate yourself on the map of human geography, politically, culturally, financially. — John Henrik Clarke

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 18, 2024 at 4:09pm

I don’t want to make an incremental change in some technology in my life. I want to create a whole new technology, and one that is aimed at helping humanity at all levels regardless of geography or ethnicity or age or gender. — Elizabeth Holmes

Geography can be about the triumph of the human spirit as much as the subjugation of earth by the human hand. — Tim Marshall

I believe that the physical is the geography of the being. — Louise Berliawsky Nevelson

Technology should be accessible to all, regardless of geography, income, or background. — Jen-Hsun Jensen Huang

In our changing world nothing changes more than geography. — Pearl S. Buck

When the Soviet Union broke apart, it split into 15 countries. Geography had its revenge on the
Soviets, and a more logical picture reappeared on the map. — Tim Marshall

Without geography you're nowhere. — Jimmy Buffett

There is no such thing as European geography. Europe is a concept without definition. — Tim Marshall

It is the relationship between the physical environment and the environed organism, between physiography and ontography (to coin a term), that constitutes the essential principles of geography today. — William Morris Davis

Russia's weakness is geography's revenge. — Tim Marshall

No choice we can make as a nation lies between our history and our geography. We can hardly change either of them. They are immutable. The only choice we can make as a nation is the choice about our future. — Paul Keating

Climate change will put even more pressure on the geography of water. — Tim Marshall

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 17, 2024 at 9:35am

Geography is destiny, and history is its interpreter

Geography is destiny, and history is its interpreter. — Tim Marshall

Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation, and it is perhaps the most pervasive. It knows no boundaries of geography, culture or wealth. As long as it continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development and peace — Kofi Annan

The door might not be opened to a woman again for a long, long time, and I had a kind of duty to other women to walk in and sit down on the chair that was offered, and so establish the right of others long hence and far distant in geography to sit in the high seats. — Frances Perkins

Geography: the more geographical factors we understand, the better we can see through them to the human decisions that lie behind them. — Tim Marshall

I like geography. I like to know where places are. — Tom Felton

Early Russia, centered around Moscow in the 13th century, was indefensible. There were no mountains, no deserts, and few rivers. — Tim Marshall

If geography is prose, maps are iconography. — Lennart Meri

If you know a country's geography, you can understand and predict its foreign policy. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Spain is struggling, and has always struggled because of its geography. Its narrow coastal plains have poor soil, and access to markets is hindered internally by its short rivers and a highland plateau surrounded by mountain ranges. It was left behind after the Second World War, as under the Franco dictatorship it was politically frozen out of much of modern Europe. The newly democratic Spain joined the EU in 1986. By the 1990s, it had begun to catch up with the rest of Western Europe, but its inherent geographic and financial weaknesses continue to hold it back and have intensified the problems of overspending and loose central fiscal control, making it among the countries hit worst by the ’08 economic crisis. — Tim Marshall

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 16, 2024 at 1:09pm

Man Can Change Geography

Geography does not change, but man does, and man can change geography. — Tim Marshall

There is a geography of the human spirit, common to all peoples. — Linda Hogan

Like most parents, I've been stumped by homework, the big questions, such as: 'What is the point of geography - the pilot always knows where we are going?'. Answer: 'If you didn't know any geography, people would think you were an American, and you wouldn't be able to put them right because you wouldn't know where they live.' — A. A. Gill

What makes a nation in the beginning is a good piece of geography. — Robert Frost

For whatever you're doing, for your creative juices, your geography's got a hell of a lot to do with it. You really have to be in a good place, and then you have to be either on your way there or on your way from there. — Neil Young

Geography is the art of the mappable. — Peter Haggett

Geography prepares for the world of work - geographers, with their skills of analysis are highly employable! — Michael Palin

The United States and Canada are a triumph of geography over history. — Tim Marshall

Why are there no great women artists?' sounds as ignorant of human geography as the query 'Why are there no Eskimo tennis teams? — Francine du Plessix Gray

I didn't see many female politicians on TV. I didn't see women in history textbooks, so I did geography, and art and English literature. But I know I must have been affected by not seeing women represented. — Emma Watson

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 15, 2024 at 1:34pm

Nature can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures

We simply need that wild country available to us... For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope. — Wallace Stegner

The ending of partition was inevitable because Ireland was one nation by history and tradition , by facts of race, geography, and economy — Seamus Costello

Having lasted for 4,000 years, the use of nature's materials to express ideas about nature may be expected to continue. The best garden designs are produced with an awareness of the art, science, history, geography, philosophy, social habits and construction techniques of their period. — Tom Turner

John Hall, my geography teacher at school inspired me to a lifelong interest in geography and a curiosity about our world which has stayed with me through my life. Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change. It is dynamic and relevant. For me geography is a great adventure with a purpose. — Michael Palin

The contrast between northern and southern Europe is also at least partially attributable to the fact that the south has fewer coastal plains suitable for agriculture, and has suffered more from drought and natural disasters than the north. The arable land and waterways of the North European Plain which stretches from France to Russia enables crops and other goods to be produced and moved easily. — Tim Marshall

Borders are important, but they don't stop geography. — Tim Marshall

Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future — Michael Palin

A thousand times, when the train slowed or stopped, I thought of jumping off. I wanted to die in a ditch. I wanted to disappear. I wanted a different history and geography. In rhythm with the wheels I said I want I want I want I want I stayed on the train. — Lewis Nordan

God created war so that Americans would learn geography. — Mark Twain

The richest, most powerful countries on earth do not have to worry about geography. The poorest, weakest countries on earth are prisoners of geography. — Tim Marshall

A virtuoso performance. Scott Thompson’s biography of the soldier statesman Fidel V. Ramos illustrates the fascinating and complex geography of Filipino politics and its relation with the American hegemon. It’s first-rate scholarship and equally first-rate writing. — F. Sionil José

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 14, 2024 at 1:15pm

The South China Sea is a crucial link in the ‘global commons’, connecting the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and Europe. Right now, along with the East China Sea, it is the most contested piece of sea in the world and one of the main reasons for the current anxiety over China's intentions. ― Bill Hayton, The South China Sea: The Struggle for Power in Asia

“It will be a Sea with agreed boundaries based upon universal principles and governed by shared responsibilities to use its resources most wisely, a Sea where fish stocks are managed collectively for the benefit of all, where the impacts of oil exploration and international shipping are alleviated and where search and rescue operations can take place unimpeded. It could happen – if a line is redrawn.” ― Bill Hayton, The South China Sea: The Struggle for Power in Asia

Physical geography and geology are inseparable scientific twins. — Roderick Murchison

It's time for Black people to stop playing the separating game of geography, of where the slave ship put us down. We must concentrate on where the slave ship picked us up. — John Henrik Clarke

Chris Martin looks like a geography teacher. — Liam Gallagher

An hour or two spent in writing from dictation, another hour or two in reading aloud, a little geography and a little history and a little physics made the day pass busily. — Hudson Stuck

Argentina lacks the size and population to become the primary regional power in Latin America, which looks to be Brazil’s destiny, but it has the quality of land to create a standard of living comparable to that of the European countries. If Argentina gets its economics right, its geography will enable it to become the power it has never been. — Tim Marshall

The reason for our success is no secret. It comes down to one single principle that transcends time and geography, religion and culture. It’s the Golden Rule – the simple idea that if you treat people well, the way you would like to be treated, they will do the same. — Isadore Sharp

Collateral learning in the way of formation of enduring attitudes, of likes and dislikes, may be and often is much more important than the spelling lesson or lesson in geography or history that is learned. — John Dewey

At present cats have more purchasing power and influence than the poor of this planet. Accidents of geography and colonial history should no longer determine who gets the fish. — Derek Wall

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 13, 2024 at 2:38pm

A great city may be seen as the construction of words as well as stone — Great Quotation by Yi-Fu Tuan

1. Geography is the study of earth as the home of people.

2. Place is security, space is freedom.

3. A great city may be seen as the construction of words as well as stone.

4. All creative effort – including the making of an omelet – is preceded by destruction.

5. It is by thoughtful reflection that the elusive moments of the past draw near to us in present reality and gain a measure of permanence.

6. Lucidity, I maintain, is almost always desirable.

7. In a sense, every human construction, whether mental or material, is a component in a landscape of fear because it exists in constant chaos. Thus children’s fairy tales as well as adult’s legends, cosmological myths, and indeed philosophical systems are shelters built by the mind in which human beings can rest, at least temporarily, from the siege of inchoate experience and of doubt.

8. People tend to suppress that which they cannot express.

9. Animals are like humans, only more openly carnal and sexual, more openly and therefore more disarmingly absurd.

10.Place is security, space is freedom.

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 12, 2024 at 9:40am

Geography has made us neighbors

Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder. — John F. Kennedy

“The good historian… must be fearless, uncorrupted, free, the friend of truth and of liberty. One who calls a fig a fig, and a skiff a skiff, neither giving nor withholding from any, from favour or from enmity, not influenced by pity, by shame, or by remorse. A just judge… a stranger to all, of no country, bound only by his own laws, acknowledging no sovereign, never considering what this or that man may say of him, but relating faithfully everything as it happened.” Lucian, ancient Greek writer and satirist (c.125-185)

“Perhaps nobody has changed the course of history as much as the historians.” Franklin P. Jones, American journalist (1908-1980)

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography. — Ambrose Bierce

Without an understanding of geography, we would not appreciate the mercies of the United States of America. — Tim Marshall

I believe there is little to gain by exchanging opinions with other artists concerning either the ideology of art or technical methods. Very much alone in my work, I am almost jealous of it. Geography has no bearing on it, nor have the interests of the community in which I work. — Yves Tanguy

The DRC is neither democratic, nor a republic. It is the second-largest country in Africa, bigger than Germany, France, and Spain combined and contains the Congo Rainforest, second only to the Amazon as the largest in the world. — Tim Marshall

Comment by 誰還記得北婆羅州? on February 11, 2024 at 12:02pm

Historians are like deaf people who go on answering questions that no one has asked them.

“Historians are like deaf people who go on answering questions that no one has asked them.” Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer and philosopher (1828-1910)

“What experience and history teach is that nations and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted upon any lessons they might have drawn from it.” Georg Hegel, German philosopher (1770-1831)

“A historian ought to be exact, sincere and impartial, free from passion, unbiased by interest, fear, resentment or affection. And faithful to the truth, which is the mother of history, the preserver of great actions, the enemy of oblivion, the witness of the past, the director of the future.” B. R. Ambedkar, Indian politician (1891-1956)

“History is an argument without end.” Pieter Geyl, Dutch historian (1887-1966)

“History is an aggregate of half-truths, semi-truths, fables, myths, rumours, prejudices, personal narratives, gossip and official prevarications. It is a canvas upon which thousands of artists throughout the ages have splashed their conceptions and interpretations of a day and an era.” Philip D. Jordan, American historian (1903-1980)

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Winston Churchill, British writer and politician (1874-1965)

“History is a set of lies, agreed upon.” Napoleon Bonaparte, French ruler (1769-1821)

“History is instructive. What it suggests to people is that even if they do little things, if they walk on the picket line, if they join a vigil, if they write a letter to their local newspaper… Anything they do, however small, becomes part of a much larger sort of flow of energy. And when enough people do enough things, however small they are, then change takes place.” Howard Zinn, American historian (1922-2010)

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