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Qiao Hong:The new Silk Road: “One Belt and One Road”

The new Silk Road: A win-win path in the era of globalization. The longest economic corridor in the world, which will continue to promote the spirit of the ancient route, will cover 4.4 billion people, accounting for 63% of the world population.…


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How to tell a story of China to the World

In the 2014 First Workshop for Foreign Directors a number of participants from different Confucius Institutes had lively discussions on the issue of “how to tell a story of China to people around the world”. They shared their views and experiences with each other.…


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Leung Kin Pong: “One Belt One Road” – Implications for the European Union

In 2013, Chinese unveiled its plan to reinvigorate the ancient Silk Roads which connects Asia and Europe with modern infrastructure across regions. The plan, known as “One Belt One Road” has now become a priority of China’s foreign policy and its geopolitical coverage extends to countries and cities in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. As Chinese President Xi Jinping said in 2014 during his visit in Europe, he was referring to the economic belt and said China…


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Zhang Yu·Explaining China’s experience in a proper way

Since reform and opening-up, China has succeeded in taking the new path of socialist economic development with Chinese characteristics. The vigor and vitality of the Chinese economy has attracted the attention of the world. However, there are various opinions about how to summarize the experience and significance of China’s economic reform and development.

In recent years, a new dogmatic thought has been in vogue in economics.…


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Zhong Feiteng·A new route of Chinese diplomacy

Many foreign critics assert that China’s foreign behavior has shown “overconfidence” since the financial crisis and is sometimes characterized by unilateralism implemented during the US Bush Administration. Meanwhile, voices can also be heard in China that positive diplomacy should be carried out based on increasingly growing national strength, breaking away from the foreign policy of “Tao Guang Yang Hui”(meaning “not to show off one’s capability but to keep a…


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Chen Jie·Public diplomacy to promote ‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy

In late 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. In a bid to better demonstrate the unique connotation of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy and push forward its orderly implementation, full play should be given to public diplomacy.

Firstly, the core of the “One Belt, One Road” initiatives is “co-construction.” Currently, corresponding…


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Meng Wei`Tech-led transformation drives media reform

Guidelines on promoting the integration and development of traditional and new media adopted at the fourth meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms include new measures for promoting media integration. The guidelines call for integration of traditional and new media as a national strategy conducive to promoting reform in publicity.

China has been making strides as a strong “cyberpower” amid…


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Li Yongjian ·Promising future of Internet Plus

The Internet Plus strategy will bring major changes not only to the marketing channel but also to the consumer market, brand recognition, product design, technical innovation and production mode. It is a new model of advancing industrial efficiency based on the revolution of demand and supply structures.

According to the calculation of related institutions, only 25 percent of Internet-driven GDP comes from online…


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Zhang Wei·Much support should be given to social organizations

In the relief efforts that followed the earthquake in Ludian County, Yunnan Province, different kinds of social organizations played a significant role. By the end of June in 2013, there were about half a million registered social organizations in China with more than 1million staff members. Social organizations have become an agent for performing some government functions, an instrument of social policy and a provider of social services. However, as…


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Lucio Blanco Pitlo III·ASEAN Connectivity and China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’

Could there be a convergence of interests between these two grand projects?

The ASEAN Master Plan for Connectivity (AMPC) and China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative share striking similarities and parallels. Both envisage transport connectivity as a way to bring member or participating countries closer to one another, facilitating better access for trade, investment, tourism and people-to-people…


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Saibal Dasgupta: China's Ambitious 'Silk Road' Plan Faces Hurdles

BEIJING April 15, 2015 -- China is trying to connect more than 20 countries along the ancient Silk Road under a grandiose program christened “One Belt, One Road.” But the more than $140 billion program is facing challenges in many places over wars, territorial disputes and domestic unrest.

The plan involves expanding China's economic influence by establishing two big foreign trade routes. One stretches overland from China…


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