Your face, your smile, I have never seen.

I don't know the color of your skin.

Your voice and laughter I have never heard.

I don't know if it is soft or loud.

Your hugs I have never felt.

I don't know the strength of your arms.

Your hand I have never touched.

I don't know if it is calloused and worn.

But to me you are my friend:

Dearer and sweeter than many I've found.

The questions come to me, "How can that be?"

"You don't know a face, touch, or a sound."

But is it the physical nature of a person

That causes me to call you "my friend?"

Or the feel of a touch or the strength of a hug?

I don't need those for you to be my friend.

You have shared with me words of strength

When at times I have felt weak and worn.

You have brought to me a smile, a laugh,

Uplifting me and bringing me joy.

You have bent your "ear" to me and listened,

Then gently guided and directed with your words.

You have hugged me tight, wiped my tears,

Then generously given to me above and beyond.

You are more to me than words on a screen;

For behind those words is a person who cares.

A person with feelings, a tear, and a laugh,

Who holds my mind safe and secure.

For even though I don't know your face, your touch,

I feel and see you in my mind.

You have been all to me that

I've needed you to be Now and forever

within my heart... My Faceless Friend.

(Feature Photo: Faceless by Roman Nebelkin,

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Maybe only today by Kara

Sitting beside you, staring into your eyes

my stomach does a flip and my heart cries

i don't think i should be feeling, like i am today

because every time you touch me, our love just melts away

i know you'd do anything, to keep me by your side

but I'm not feeling the same, and i don't know why

it used to be that every time you touched me i felt like flying

but today I'm feeling strange...i feel like our love is dying

so the hardest part now, is for me to figure out

if today will last forever, or am i just having doubts

saying goodbye will be too hard, i already know

I've already figured out that its hard to let people go

i guess you could call me confused, because its obvious that i must be

i guess i could wait for you, but I'd only be hurting me

so until you're in my shoes, and know just how i feel

don't call me crazy,because you don't know the deal

i just want you to get the picture, that its my heart to break

and if I've done the wrong thing, then I'll learn from my mistake

so I'm trying my hardest, I'm going to say goodbye

its hurts for me to keep it in, but it hurts to see you cry

so once again, here i am, not knowing what to do

i don't want to hurt me, but it seems worse to be hurting you

so i guess i'll just hold on, i'll try to keep it in

maybe this feeling i have today, wont ever come again

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(Feature Photo: sensual by zieniu by Tomasz Zienkiewicz,


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