Ingredients for 2 person
: 85g rice
: 800ml water (Regular porridge)
: Salt

Water quantity suggestions: 6 to 7 times the quantity of rice for regular porridge; 8 times the quantity of rice for softer porridge; and 10 times the quantity of rice for a very soft pasty form of porridge.

Miso flavored chicken
: 100 - 150g ground chicken
: 1 eggplant
: 1 carrot
: 1tsp sugar
: 1tsp soy sauce
: 1tsp sake
: 1tsp oyster sauce
: 2tsp miso

: Grated daikon from 80g daikon
: 2 umeboshi
: Soy sauce

Negi-miso with shimeji
: 1/2 Chopped green onion
: Some shimeji mushrooms
: 2tsp miso
: 1tsp sake
: 1tsp soy sauce
: 1 tsp sugar

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Comment by O noc Sob on November 23, 2012 at 10:37am

With cultural creativity, home stay program is an effective way to vitalize local economy.

One of the most attractive elements to home stay experience is the good foods, that not only fills the stomach, but also satisfies the taste buds. Above all, that warm the heart.

It is sad to see that a homeland with rich natural and cultural resources, Sabah is economically broke due to the administrators' greed of wealth robbing and poor management.

Some honest progressive community workers are on their struggle to introduce new order to Sabah. Based on their past leadership success when they led the government, they have formulated comprehensive programs to restore the state's glory, which were the most shining in the region before.      

Regarding the local economy that affecting most of the rural people, micro programs must be included to improve their living standard. Harping on global tourists' curiosity of North Borneo, home stay initiative could be a viable activity.

As I have said earlier, foods is vital to the success of home stay program, our country folks must have the opportunity to learn the arts of cooking. While improvement of local cuisine is important, it will be even better if they know how to serve a variety of other foods for guests from different countries.

In this internet world, YouTube is the fastest way to learn anything. As we can see from this video clip, we can learn how to prepare Japanese porridge without going to Japan, not even Kota Kinabalu.

(Photo Affection: Porridge or so-called Bor Bor in Khmer by Phea Daravuth,

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