John Crawford: 這樣拍裸照不傷風敗俗

61歲的紐西蘭職業攝影家克勞福(John Crawford), 近日公開多年前拍攝一系列的空拍裸照作品,請妻子裸身躺在羊圈裡(圖三)、停車場(圖一)等場所,呈現空中鳥瞰地面的各種圖像。


About The Photographer: Auckland based John Crawford is one of New Zealand’s best known photographers.
His portfolio of commissioned and uncommissioned works is diverse in subject
matter and mood, yet unmistakeable in its use of light and its natural, simple style.

John says his aim is to capture images that have a high degree of interest and contrast,
don’t look too technical, and are easy to look at and enjoy.

His corporate projects, undertaken with some of the country’s top design and
communications firms, have included shoots for Lion Nathan, Fletcher Challenge,
Fonterra, CHH, Air New Zealand, Ports of Auckland and NGC.A

以下照 片翻攝克勞福網站

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Tags: 愛墾雲端藝廊, 高空攝影


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